Tips for Taking Care of Your Carpet

Now that you’ve made the decision to install carpet in your home, you will need to know what to do to take care of it. Proper upkeep of your carpet is the key to giving it a long life and preserving manufacturer warranties. Here are some best practices for taking care of your new carpet:

Vacuum once a week at minimum. Twice a week or more may be necessary for floors that receive heavy traffic. Changing vacuum directions will also ensure that you adequately pick up dirt from different angles. Use a vacuum with adjustable height and rotating brushes to effectively loosen soil from the carpet fibers. Some rotating brushes may damage fibers in more delicate carpets like Tigressa Cherish, so check your carpet’s manufacturer instructions to see what vacuums are approved for use. Replace the vacuum bag when it becomes half full for the best efficiency and to prevent burning out your vacuum’s motor.

Spilled liquids should be immediately taken care of in order to avoid staining. Use a damp cloth and blot the spill, don’t scrub. Using a white cloth or paper towel is recommended, as dyes can bleed through to the carpet, causing stains. The faster liquids are cleaned, the less likely it is to stain or cause mold & mildew.

Use door mats in entrances and area rugs in high traffic areas to prevent dirt buildup. This can greatly increase the life of your floor. Also use window treatments to prevent UV rays from permanently fading your carpet’s color.

This is a good general guide for caring for your carpet. Refer to your manufacturer’s directions for specific care instructions for your floor. This will guarantee that you are using the correct cleaning procedures and you can maintain your warranty. If you have any questions about your carpet or other flooring, give us a call at 510-962-9751 or stop by our showroom at 2793 Castro Valley Blvd in Castro Valley, CA.

The type of carpet you purchase will be an important factor on how long your carpet lasts. Learn more about the different carpet twists available from our very own experts!