• Sep 06, 2013
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An Elegant Master Bedroom

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Glen BedroomThe wallpaper of palm leaves adds texture and depth to the wall in this elegant master bedroom by designer Glen Peloso. The black and white photos in simple black frames stand out in contrast to the texture in the wall paper drawing your eye to the art. The photography and accessories (like the beautiful phone on the nightstand) evoke a slightly retro feel. Little touches like the “His and Hers” pillows on the bed give this room an easy comfort.

Glen Peloso is the principal of Glen Peloso Interiors and has been working in the world of design for the past ten years after having completed his Masters degree in Fine Arts. His design philosophy is based on his clients' need for a space to live a happy and productive life - however they choose to define that. Form must always follow function in both residential and commercial projects. His work on over 300 design contracts has taken him to England, France, Italy, and various cities across the the United States. During that time he enjoyed learning about people, the creative process, and designing spaces.

After a successful run as Sr.VP of a corporate housing company and then as Sr. Design partner of another firm, he created Glen Peloso Interiors. At GPI, he surrounded himself with a fantastic team who share his desire to see what every one has seen, but think what no one else has yet thought to stay on the cutting edge of design in restaurants, homes, retail spaces, and offices.

What is your favorite thing about this beautiful bedroom retreat?

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