Carpet Repair & Maintenance

Common Carpet Issues and How to Fix Them
New carpet owners may experience some of the following problems with their carpet. Fret not, as these issues are simply fixed and require no professional help! Some or none of these issues may arise with your carpet, but in case you encounter any of these problems, refer to this guide on how to remedy your issue.

Sprouting occurs in most loop pile carpets, in which a piece of yarn is longer than the carpet’s pile height and protrudes from the rest of the carpet. This can easily be fixed by carefully trimming the yarn to the correct length.

Pilling is the occurrence of small balls of fiber on the surface of the carpet. This occurs naturally in carpets, usually due to repeated traffic in certain areas, and is not harmful to your carpet. Like sprouting, pilling can be fixed by carefully trimming the balls of fiber with scissors.

Your carpet may shed bits of fuzz or pieces of yarn that have fallen out of the backing, and you may be concerned. Fear not, as carpet manufacturers know carpets shed and take it into consideration when they design your carpet! The good news is that after a short while, your carpet will eventually stop shedding after it is vacuumed a few times.

Shading is the apparent change in tint or shade from your carpet’s original color. This is due to a change in the light refracted on the carpet pile. This is usually caused by foot traffic or vacuuming. A common solution for shading is to vacuum in the same direction throughout the entirety of the carpet for a uniform shade.

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