Choosing Your Floors

Flooring can transform the way any room appears. While often times it is overshadowed by other elements within the room, an inferior floor instantly reduces the appeal of the home. That is why finding the best flooring not only for the room but for your budget is important. There are many different styles of flooring out there, so if you're eyeing renovating your home, something will work for you. You just need to go over the different flooring options. 


Did you know carpeting is the most popular kind of flooring used in homes? Why? It is durable, relatively easy to install, and you can remove it and install a new kind of carpeting every few years, if you like, to upgrade the look of the home. Now, it is not great for high moisture level rooms (such as the bathroom, kitchen and likely basement), but with hundreds of carpet variations out there, it is a population way to cover your floor. 


If you don't want to go the way of carpet, are interested in a solid surface but don't want to spend the money of a hardwood, tile or other options, laminate is the way to go. Laminate is easy to install as much like carpet, it can be rolled out. Laminate is often designed to look like other flooring types, and with the improvement of design over the last several years, you can find some really great laminate floors. You will also save on installation and on the materials itself when going with laminate. 


Hardwood is a truly romanticized flooring option. This is one of the most classic flooring options around. Whether you want to go natural, showing the grain of the wood floor or you wish to utilize a specific stain, this is a truly exceptional flooring option with dozens of subcategories available. 


A hard stone, porcelain or other material is great, especially in high moisture areas. The pores in the stone do not absorb and swell like other materials, plus it is one of the better return on investment options. 

These are a selection of the top flooring options available. While there are always subcategories and different variations offered, these are the top flooring types to consider. So, whether you are shopping for the best laminate flooring or you're interesting in something a bit different, you will likely find something that fits your needs and your budget here.

When you decide you are ready to choose a flooring, don't forget to consider installation! Check out this video from our experts explaining everything you need to know: