Design Trends

Technology is etched in the design inspiration of tile flooring opening direct sales portals to consumers looking for flooring online instead of the traditional retail locations.  Besides getting a chance to view and compare a wide variety of products online consumers are also taking advantage of selecting brands that aren’t normally available in the region.  As residential building and renovations increase, this year’s flooring trends are introducing enhanced products matched to the current home designs and consumer preferences in all flooring categories. 

The biggest change from coast to coast is color and thanks to technology tile flooring is now offering a wide range of colors for use throughout the home, incorporating the owner’s own style with design, texture and size. Today, color combinations of warm neutral colors for the floors bring the room together and heighten the color of the home’s accessories. The warmer tones are introducing natural lights to the interior rooms, making them appear larger and more inviting.

Design Trends

As homes get updated, owners are looking for a design inspiration that fits the budget and the lifestyle.  Timing is perfect as tile flooring changes include the standard square and rectangles in different widths creating a customized look without the extra cost. The variety of different sizes allow for some creativity in creating angles and dimensions updating the flooring trends. Added to the change are simplistic contemporary designs with solid colors for an endless flooring effect throughout areas in the home. 

Pattern Styles

Historically, patterns of slate, granite and marbling have been front-runners for tile floor trends.  Now, wood grains with different finishes and textures have gained popularity with owners seeking a more rustic and casual design.   Although the colors have remained mid-range there are enhancements of deeper accent colors added to tiles.  In some cases, brush texture images have introduced a 3D dimension using images of width, length and depth to the flooring without adding more color for a neutral effect.


Urban designs have influenced the color trends in tile flooring, using soft blends of beiges and rich browns complementing natural woods, with a gamut of grey injected with white accents.   These blends create neutral colors that work with traditional and casual styles to modern and contemporary flooring, allowing homeowners to create color zones in the home using furniture and accent pieces that are interchangeable for updating and reviving the living spaces.