Innovia Carpets

Luxurious and Incredibly Soft Carpets

Innovia Carpet Styles

Having a silky smooth carpet in your home that is real world tough isn’t hard to find. Innovia carpets are known for their incredibly soft textures and ability to standout to stains wear. The Innovia Xtreme Clean collection takes everything you know about carpets and has thrown the drawbacks out the window. 

Stain Free

One of the downsides to a traditional carpet is the staining. You might find yourself spending more time trying to prevent stains than enjoying your carpet. Luckily, Innovia carpets aren’t traditional and are permanently stain free due to the patented INNOTEX fiber. This natural based fiber has no dyes and is stain and fade resistant. This advanced technology ensures that your carpet will look and feel the same after years of spills and use.


Along with kids, pets can cause a lot of messes. Nonetheless, Innovia carpets can stand up to these accidents with its pet friendly technology. This technology stops accidents from absorbing into the carpet fiber. In addition, the built-in pet protection doesn’t retain pet odors. 

Easy to Maintain

The most notable feature to Innovia Xtreme Clean carpets is that picking up spills and messes is strain free. Meaning, most spills can be cleaned up with just water. Each carpet fiber is created with a flexible and durable shield. This shield is able to repel spills and soiling so cleanups aren’t a hassle. 

Innovia Carpet Colors

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