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Your dogs and cats are part of your family and both shed pet hair on your carpets. Pet hair gets deeply into the carpet fibers so that it can be hard to remove it all just by routine vacuuming.

Removing Pet Hair from Carpet

Here are a few tested methods to clean pet hair from your carpeted floors.

Mop the carpet. First vacuum the carpet as you normally do, then mop the carpet with a damp sponge mop in the areas of high pet hair concentration. The damp sponge brings the pet hair from deep within the fibers to the surface of the carpet. You can then vacuum the pet hairs up or simply use your hands to pick it up and dispose of it.

Use baking soda. This method of carpet cleaning also serves a dual purpose of deodorizing your home at the same time that the pet hair is removed. Sprinkle baking soda lightly all over your carpet in a room. Let the baking soda sit for about 10 minutes and then vacuum it up. The baking soda particles bind to the pet hair and make it easier for a vacuum to remove it through cleaning carpet, while leaving your house smelling fresh.

Fabric softener spray bottle. Mix 3 parts liquid fabric softener to 1 part water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on your carpets, and then wait for the solution to dry completely. Turning on a ceiling fan or a box fan can help it to dry quicker in humid weather. The fabric softener spray helps to loosen the hair that lies deep within the carpet. Vacuum your carpets as you normally do to remove pet hair and leave a nice scent behind.

Other Pet Hair Removal Tips

Static electricity. Rub a balloon, rubber gloves or a rubber squeegee over your carpet to make static electricity and make the pet hair surface on your carpet before vacuuming it.

Carpet rake. A carpet rake brings pet hair to the surface by the tines raising the hair from deep within the carpet to the surface for easy vacuuming.

New vacuum. Newer vacuums are made in pet hair models that have a much greater suction to remove embedded hair in your carpets for one-step carpet cleaning.

These tips and techniques can help you make your cleaning carpet techniques easier and clear it of pet hair when used regularly. Carpet maintenance includes having your carpeted floors deep cleaned professionally about every six months when you are a pet owner.