Soft Surface Flooring

Soft Surface Flooring

Walking across your warm, soft, and stylish carpet is the best feeling. Yet watching that carpet fade, get stains, and rip is the worst feeling. Not to worry though, with our latest collection of soft surface trends and technologies you will be able to enjoy your new floor for years to come. Knowing your soft surface floor will last for years might put your mind at ease, but our warranties, stain resistant technologies, and products are just more reasons to visit our Direct Sales Floors Carpet One Floor & Home showroom today. 

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Carpet Designs & Brands

  • Trends: Carpet is a flooring option that many people tend to overlook when they are considering what flooring to install in their home. Carpet flooring is a fantastic option if you are looking to warm up a space or you are looking to add some fantastic visual interest to your home.

  • Design Trends:  As residential building and renovations increase, this year’s flooring trends are introducing enhanced products matched to the current home designs and consumer preferences in all flooring categories.

  • Lees: Learn more about the gorgeous Lees carpet styles and its incredible strength. 

  • Tigressa: Tigressa offers both softness and strength so you don't have to compromise

Tips & Tricks

  • Carpet Care: Now that you’ve made the decision to install carpet in your home, you will need to know what to do to take care of it. Proper upkeep of your carpet is the key to giving it a long life and preserving manufacturer warranties. Here are some best practices for taking care of your new carpet.

  • Carpet Fading: Sunlight is excellent for Vitamin D, but it's not so great for carpets. Pretty much the second it encounters the sun, it starts to pale. The changes can be so gradual too that you may not even notice until it's too late. To prevent this from happening to your expensive investment, try these tips.  

  • Removing Hair from Carpet: Your dogs and cats are part of your family and both shed pet hair on your carpets. Pet hair gets deeply into the carpet fibers so that it can be hard to remove it all just by routine vacuuming.

  • Repairs: New carpet owners may experience some of the following problems with their carpet. Fret not, as these issues are simply fixed and require no professional help! Some or none of these issues may arise with your carpet, but in case you encounter any of these problems, refer to this guide on how to remedy your issue.