Tigressa Carpets

When it comes to your carpet, why should you settle or compromise? With a Tigressa carpet you will be getting everything off your "must have list" so you won't have to worry about not getting exactly what you want. 

At Direct Sales Floor Carpet One Floor & Home, we take pride in offering the top carpet brands in the industry, and with our available Tigressa collections, your will feel confident knowing you carpet will maintain its softness and strength years down the road. 

"The Softest Carpet Available."

Tigressa truly offers the softest carpets in the industry. Thanks to its tightly woven nylon fibers, your carpet will be able to retain its look and strength. Additionally, Tigressa carpets allow more filaments per square inch, and are half the size of human hair, which makes for its soft texture. Having a carpet that is soft, and able to stand up to the everyday wear and tear may be hard to come by at other carpet stores, but with a Tigressa carpet there is no compromising on style, strength, and comfort. 

Tigressa Cherish & H20

In addition to the first Tigressa collection, we also offer the Cherish and H20, which go a step further. The Tigressa Cherish collection is made up of recycled resources with colors inspired by natures hues. Yet, beautiful natural colors isn't the only thing Cherish offers. It's innovative color technology makes for stronger carpet fibers that will not fade. The Tigressa H20 collection also takes its benefits a step further with its water resistant capabilities. If your home is more prone to stains and accidents, a Tigressa H20 carpet is the perfect solution. Water and stains are resisted, so if you don't see it the first time around you won't have to worry. Cleanups are a breeze because Tigressa H20 keeps water and other liquids from soaking into the cushion and beneath the subfloor.  

To learn more about the available Tigressa Carpet collections at Direct Sales Floors Carpet One, contact us today. Also, to feel the softness of a Tigressa carpet, visit our showroom in Castro Valley, CA.