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Vinyl Floors at Direct Sales Floors Carpet One in Castro Valley

direct-floor-sales-carpet-one-castro-valley-ca-vinyl When you are looking for new flooring, vinyl is an amazingly versatile choice that can be used in any room of your home, including high-moisture areas. Some of the many benefits of vinyl flooring include:

Vinyl holds up well even in high-traffic areas because of its "wear" layer. The thickness of the wear layer varies; thicker wear layers will have even better protection against gouges, dents and other wear that occurs over time. It also resists stains, so vinyl is a popular choice with parents and pet owners alike.

Moisture is Not an Issue
Many people choose vinyl for areas like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and eat-in dining rooms because cleaning up spills is so easy and quick with vinyl flooring. Of course, any kind of smooth flooring makes cleaning up spills easy, but vinyl has an advantage over tile, wood or laminate flooring because sheet vinyl has no seams. That means there is nowhere for dirt or spilled liquids to go.

Versatility & Options
The cheap vinyl flooring of yesteryear is not today's vinyl. Options available today include luxury vinyl tile flooring that looks like tile, wood or stone but without the higher cost and ongoing maintenance of those types of flooring. With so many choices, you can have different looks in every room of your house using vinyl.

Compared to the cold, unforgiving feel of walking on tile, cushioned vinyl like vinyl plank flooring is "foot-friendly" and is very comfortable when you are walking or standing on it. Because sheet vinyl does not have seams, it's also a great choice for allergy sufferers. No more suffering at home because carpet fibers trapped pet dander, pollen or other allergens.

Vinyl is a fantastic flooring choice because of its durability, versatility and comfort. Best of all, it is an affordable option that will beautify your home for years to come.