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Carpet in Castro Valley, CA

Carpet flooring can be a fantastic decision for any home or business owner. With more carpet options than at any time in history, it’s currently possible for every household to enjoy soft-surface flooring. At Direct Sales Floors Carpet One Floor & Home of Castro Valley, CA, we’re delighted to assist you with all sorts of residential and commercial carpet projects.



While there used to be a time when carpet was ill-advised for large families, pet owners, or those hosting frequent gatherings, such is hardly the case today. Recent innovations have given us products that can resist stains, moisture, and heavy wear-and-tear. Here’s a quick overview of carpet flooring.


Carpet Types


Which carpet is your best match? Carpet flooring comes in hundreds of beautiful options, and we can help you make sense of your many choices. Carpet fibers- known as pile- are tasked with holding your rug together. Carpet pile can be natural or synthetic, and each pile type has a unique set of perks and benefits.

Nylon is one of the most common carpet fibers. It is durable, long-lasting, and can be treated to be stain resistant. These fibers can be made into carpets that feature many different styles and patterns. Polyester is less expensive than nylon but features some of the same durability. Advances in technology are helping to make polyester longer lasting.



Olefin/polypropylene fibers comprise stunning patterned carpets. These carpets should be installed in low traffic arrears around your home, such as formal living rooms and formal dining rooms. Wool is a natural, eco-friendly, sustainable carpet fiber. It is resistant to staining and soiling and is also a hypoallergenic option for those who suffer from allergies. Triexta, unlike nylon, is inherently stain resistant and does not need to be treated. Today, many carpet manufacturers compare triexta as a cousin to nylon.

Carpet Installation


Carpet flooring doesn’t work well in kitchens or bathrooms, but other than that, the sky is truly the limit! Choose denser, more stain-resistant options for spaces like children’s playrooms, family rooms, stairs, or hallways. If you have pets at home, a waterproof product is wise. Our professionals can help you customize your product search based on your household size and lifestyle, while giving expert tips on maintaining your new rug.


Our Carpet Selection


At Direct Sales Carpet One Floor & Home, our mission is for every customer to discover smart, sustainable, and stylish carpet products. We offer up one of the region’s most expansive product inventories, spanning all the hottest carpet trends. To check out our latest carpet flooring displays, please visit us soon at 2973 Castro Valley Boulevard in Castro Valley, CA, or call us today at (510) 962-9751. Don’t have time for a visit? It’s easy to shop our carpet products online.


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