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Custom Area Rugs


Area rugs are the most diverse flooring accessory that can adapt to the design of almost any room. An area rug can protect a floor, absorb sound, add comfort, add a subtle accent to a room or create a focal point in a room’s layout. Area rugs are able to adapt to different rooms because they are easy to place in any space and can be moved, rotated, or removed from a room if desired. Area rugs are available in many different shapes, sizes, fiber materials, textures, colors, patterns, and more that will satisfy your needs. Our flooring professionals are here to help you narrow down your rug search and point you in the direction of the perfect rug for your home.


Benefits of Handmade Rugs


About 90% of all area rugs were handmade 60 years ago, and thanks to technological improvements in the manufacturing process, only 2% are handmade today while the remaining 98% of area rugs are made by machines. Handmade rugs are sought after for their one-of-a-kind construction that requires masterful skill and craftsmanship to create. These qualities make handmade area rugs’ value increase over time and purchasing one can be a long-term investment. Handmade rugs will never be eliminated from the market, but efficiencies in manufacturing have made machine-made rugs more affordable for consumers, which has caused their increase in popularity.


Choose an Area Rug


An area rug does not need to be a specific shape or size to coordinate with a room’s design, but a good general tip we like to give is to measure your walls and subtract 3 feet from each side. This will create a nice uniform border around your floor for a simple, but attractive design. Another sizing factor you should consider s if you want the furniture on, or off, the rug. This can help define a space for gathering when you have guests.The color of your area rug will have a large impact on your room’s design. You can use it to create a light accent or make your area rug more pronounced by selecting a bold color; the design possibilities of area rugs are virtually endless.



If you are interested in purchasing an area rug for your home, then come down to Direct Sales Floors Carpet One’s showroom in Castro Valley, CA and speak with one of our flooring experts!



Area Rug Tips

Area Rug Tips

We make choosing an area rug for your space easy by providing a few tips to get you started. Area rugs come in many different shapes and sizes, so knowing how to choose a shape and size can make your shopping experience a pleasant one.



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Choose from thousands of area rug designs and hundreds of brands on our online area rug shop. Find the exact size and style you are looking for and eliminate the middle man by shopping with us. Website coming soon!



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